Directorate of Prosecution (DOP), CBI

The Directorate of Prosecution in the CBI is responsible to conduct and supervise the cases pending trial, appeal and revision in Courts. The Director of Prosecution is the chief functionary of the Prosecution Wing of the CBI and is vested with the powers of direction and control over the Prosecuting Officers. He is assisted by the Additional Legal Advisors, Deputy Legal Advisors, Senior Public Prosecutors, Public Prosecutor and Assistant Public Prosecutors posted in the Head Office/High Courts and Zones/Regions and Branches/Units.
Director of Prosecution is the overall incharge of the Prosecution Wing of CBI. Director of Prosecution in CBI is responsible for :
  1. Supervising and monitoring the conduct of prosecution in Courts,

  2. Preferring as well as appearing in Appeals, Revisions, etc. on behalf of the CBI in Appellate and Revisional Courts.

  3. Give advice to Police Officers in all legal matters on general points, specific cases or important issues arising during investigation or trial.

  4. To maintain overall control, authority and responsibility for the work, efficiency, integrity and discipline of all legal Officers of CBI.
The functions of the Directorate of Prosecution include among others, the following :-
  1. Tendering Legal Advice in CBI cases.

  2. Conducting prosecution in CBI cases.

  3. Matters relating to amendment of laws or promulgation of new laws.

  4. Matters relating to Notification of offences u/s 3, 5 and 6 of DSPE Act.

  5. Processing Legal matters pertaining to the Conferences and meetings.

  6. Matters relating to interpretation of laws, statutory rules and regulations and amendments thereof.

  7. Preparation of Notes on Legal matters for publication in CBI Bulletins/ Periodicals etc

  8. Matters relating to the appointment of Special Judges, Magistrates, Retainer Counsels and Special Counsels and other matters related thereto.

  9. Matters relating to the Notifications regarding appointment of CBI Prosecuting Officers u/s 24 and 25 of Cr.P.C., 1973.

  10. Correspondence regarding Parliament Questions on the above matters.