How to Provide / Seek Assistance ?

How to Provide / Seek Assistance?

One of the main activities of the Interpol Wing, CBI is to collect information relating to international law enforcement from State Police forces and other law enforcement agencies within India and transmit the same to the ICPO-Interpol General Secretariat and the concerned NCBs. This function can be performed smoothly and efficiently only when the information relating to international law enforcement is regularly and promptly reported by the State Police authorities, etc. to the Interpol Wing.
Arrest of Foreigners in India
On various occasions foreigners are arrested in India for violation of existing laws particularly concerning customs, narcotics drugs, etc. A foreigner may be arrested in India for committing a trivial offence e.g. staying in India beyond the period of visa endorsed in his passport or possession of a few grams of narcotics drugs but at the same time, he may also be a dangerous criminal wanted in a foreign country for having committed any heinous offence and traveling or staying in India on the strength of a forged passport or he may be a habitual offender or a member of an international drug smuggling syndicate which the authorities effecting the arrest may not be aware. Therefore, whenever a foreigner is arrested in India, a report should immediately be sent to the Interpol Wing with a view to check the true identity of the foreigner and his criminal antecedents, if any.

The arrest report of the foreigner should contain the following details:

- Correct name of the foreigner arrested.

- Nationality

- Date and place of birth.

- Parentage.

- Residential address abroad.

- Number, date and place of issue of the passport.

- Photograph and fingerprints, in triplicate.

- Details of the case including the date of arrest, nature of offence committed, etc.

The above mentioned personal particulars of the foreigner arrested can be easily and correctly obtained from the passport in his possession. In case a foreigner is not in possession of a passport, he should be thoroughly interrogated to obtain these particulars. In almost all the American and European countries, the date and place of birth of a person is essential to check his antecedents from the computerized data. The date and place of birth of a foreigner should, therefore, always be furnished. Since the photograph and fingerprints are required to be sent to foreign NCBs, these should be of high quality so as to enable the General Secretariat and the foreign NCBs to conduct a proper check from their records.

In order to complete the police information about a foreigner at national as well as international level, the results of judicial proceedings including the date of conviction, name of the court, details of charge (s) proved and sentence awarded by our court should be immediately furnished as soon as the trial is over. In case, a fine is imposed, it should be mentioned whether the fine has been paid by the accused or not.

On various occasions, notices/requests are received from the ICPO-Interpol for arrest of a person in India. Such requests are processed in the Interpol Wing and the police authorities concerned are requested to locate and arrest the wanted person only when the arrest is permissible under our law. In such cases arrest should only be made under Section 41 (1) (g) of Criminal Procedure code of India, 1973, which envisaged that any police officer may, without an order from a Magistrate and without a warrant, arrest any person who has been concerned in, or against whom a reasonable complaint has been made, or credible information has been received, or a reasonable suspicion exists, of his having been concerned in, any act committed at any place out of India which, if committed in India, would have been punishable as an offence, and for which he is, under any law relating to extradition or otherwise, liable to be apprehended or detained in custody in India, if it has clearly been requested for by the Interpol Wing and is otherwise legal under our law. Arrest should not be made merely at the request of the ICPO-Interpol or a foreign NCB. It is, however, not so in case a foreigner who has violated any law of our land, when the normal process of legal formalities will have to be observed.

Arrest of Indians Abroad
The Interpol Wing, CBI receives arrest reports along with photographs and fingerprints of Indian nationals from foreign NCBs. When such references are received, the fingerprints are sent to the National Crime Records Bureau for record and checking of pervious convictions, if any. Simultaneously, the concerned local police authorities are requested to cause enquiries about the true identity and antecedents of the Indian nationals arrested abroad. Such enquiries should be caused promptly and a report sent to the Interpol Wing, CBI for onward transmission to the General Secretariat and the NCBs concerned. The report should include all relevant information about true identities and antecedents of such persons and any other information which may be required by the foreign NCBs.

Investigation of Cases
During the course of investigation of cases by local police forces and other agencies, sometimes it becomes absolutely essential to conduct a part of the investigation e.g. interrogation of a witness/suspect/accused, verification of some facts, etc. in a foreign country. In such cases, a note incorporating the relevant facts of the case along with the points on which investigation is required to be conducted in a foreign country should be sent to the Interpol Wing. If any person is required to be interrogated, a questionnaire should also be sent. The following points should be borne in mind while sending a request to the Interpol Wing for causing investigation abroad:

- The note/questionnaire/points for investigation should be sent in triplicate.

- If the investigation is required to be conducted in more than one foreign country, there should be a separate set of questionnaire/points for investigation for each country.

- A separate questionnaire should be prepared for each witness unless all the witnesses are required to be examined on the same points.

- The note/questionnaire/points for investigation should be quite clear and specific.

- The question should be brief and should be narrowed down as far as possible.

- The material should be carefully examined and scrutinized by the Superintendents of Police concerned to ensure that only relevant material is incorporated in the note and to ensure correctness of the facts and figures.

Information from IPSG
The General Secretariat of the ICPO-Interpol centralizes information received by it from various NCBs about crimes and criminals. The police information received at the General Secretariat is indexed under different heads by its Criminal Records Department. The following examples illustrate the various types of information that can be furnished by the General Secretariat to the various police departments in India through Interpol Wing, rapidly and accurately, by consultation of the various indices:

Alphabetical Name Index:

- Do you have any information about a man named GIERSCHEWSKI Marian born on 27.2.1951 in Naumowicz, Poland who has been arrested in Bombay for committing a murder?

- Do you have any information about a man named MONTALYO (Lopex) Luis alias MONTATO (Vegas) Emilio born 20.2.1938 in Ambato, Ecuador who has been arrested in Goa for possession of Hashish?

Phonetic Name Index:

- Do you have any information about a man named Maurice TENOT or THENOT or TAINAULT aged about 26 years possibly born in Limoges, France who has been arrested for staying in India without any passport?

- Do you have any information about a man whose true identity has not been established but who has called himself MOHAMAD Selim Hadad, Mohamed Hadad, SELIM Mohammed and SEILM MOHAND, who comes from Zahle in Lebanon and who is between 35 and 40 years old and is wanted in India in a case of cheating?


- Do you have a record of Venezuelan passports Nos. D-743201 and D-773609, found in possession of a woman named Jorba (Gimenez) Maria, born on 3.11.1923 in Valencia, Spain who has been arrested in Madras for possession of passports of different countries?

Motor Vehicles:

- Do you have know the name of the owner of a Buick car bearing registration No. 5-F-9836-SY, Engine No. RB-1.702.485, chassis No. w 203.492.786 which has been found abandoned in Delhi on 20.10.1983?


Do you have any information about a �Beretta� revolver, 7.65 calibre, registration No. 38.437 found on the scene of a burglary committed in Poona on 27.9.1983?


Do you have any information about the unidentified body of a woman aged about 50, found in Tarraytown, USA in May, 1972?

Places where offences were committed:

- Do you have any information about a double murder committed in Ceylon in June, 1956?

Cheques and travelers Cheques:

- Have the persons who cashed American Express Travelers cheques Nos. RN-3.197.542 to 612 been identified?


- Do you have any information about a seizure of 4.20 kgs of hashish in Hong Kong on 12.6.1960?

Murder and attempted murder:

- Do you have any information about a case of arsenic poisoning in Copenhagen in March 1967?

Fingerprint files:

- Can you identify the person whose fingerprints are enclosed?

Photographic file:

- Is the person whose photograph is enclosed VITSCHOR Oiaf who was born in Zagreb on 30.10.1924? 


- Could you send us the names and particulars of all pickpockets arrested in Rome while the Olympic Games were being held there during August and September, 1960?

ICPO- Interpol Database:

- Exchange of information: which data we would collect from Interpol Liaison Officers, and with consent of NCB- India, introduce to ICPO- Database e.g. Terrorist information/ organized criminal information by Conference Desk, Narcotic trafficking by Drugs & Counterfeit Currency Desk and Vehicle Theft etc.

- Automated Search Facility: which data can be consulted by NCB from ICPO- Interpol.